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Chapter 1 – The near death experience

  The Tunnel, life in the garden (sanctuary). Metamorphosis.

The elderly science teacher led her young pupils through the park, towards the trees. She faced her class, held up one hand and said,  

“Today we are going to study metamorphosis. Does anyone know what metamorphosis is?”

The children looked at each other. No one answered. She turned round and walked towards a tree, then reached out and pulled a branch down so the children could look at the leaves. On the underside of the leaves were caterpillars.

Some of the children were bored and paid no attention. Others were busy talking amongst themselves. A smaller group of children who were keen to learn stood next to her. She looked at this small group of children and said,  

“Metamorphosis is a very interesting biological process in some animals. Does anyone know what will happen to these caterpillars in a few days’ time?”

“I know, Miss,” one bright boy called out. “These insects, the ones with all the legs, and covered in spines, will, in a few days, weave cocoons and go to sleep. When they emerge from their cocoons, a miracle will happen. They will be transformed into butterflies.”

“Clever boy, you seem to know about metamorphosis in caterpillars.” She turned to face the class and said, “These insects will soon be transformed into beautiful butterflies, with wings and colorful bodies. It is amazing what evolution has come up with.”  

She led them to a pond and pointed at the tadpoles. “In a few days these fish-like creatures, with their gills and tails, will come out of the water as frogs with neither gills nor tails. Instead, they will breathe air, walk on legs, look completely different and live completely different lives. Another creature that undergoes metamorphosis. Evolution is just amazing. It has found many diverse ways for species to survive.”  

“Miss, do humans undergo metamorphosis?” The boy asked.

“What do you think?” asked the teacher.

He paused to consider, and then he replied, “A lot of people believe that life goes on in some other form after death. Perhaps that is why we have churches and other places of worship. Maybe when we die we change into something else.”

She nodded. “You have a point.” She faced the class and said, “Everyone follow me.” It was getting warm and the children were getting bored. Soon, the teacher called out, “Children, you have twenty minutes to play.”

A couple of girls ran to a nearby playground. They were playing on the swings when they heard a cat mewling.  

A young woman called Sam was passing by. One of the girls ran up to her and said,  

“Miss, there is a cat in the tree. Can you help it? It looks like she’s stuck.”

The young woman looked towards the tree and saw the cat in distress. Without hesitation, she started to climb the tree. She got close to the cat and reached out to grab hold of her. Her foot slipped, and in a panic, she grabbed the nearest branch. The thin branch broke and she fell heavily onto the dry ground, unconscious.

Sam seemed to leave her body and started to float upwards. She looked down and saw her body on the ground, near the old oak tree, surrounded by the children. As she watched, she was drawn towards the mouth of a tunnel.  

She was pulled into the tunnel. For a while, she was in darkness. Then, at the other end of the tunnel, a bright light appeared. She walked towards the light and emerged from the tunnel.  

She saw a beautiful place with lush green meadows, clear lakes and beautiful forests. The grass was green, velvety, and the water was pure and clear. Clean air and fresh fragrance filled the atmosphere and there was no sign of decay or rot. It was the most beautiful place she had ever seen, and it made her feel safe and secure.

The heavy load of fear and anxiety was lifted from her shoulders and a tremendous sense of love, acceptance and warmth surrounded her. The whole place had a pleasant atmosphere of peace and harmony, something she had never experienced before.

She walked around this delightful garden and noticed that the important faculties of her physical body were still intact. She could see, smell, and taste. She could feel heat and cold but realized there were also differences in her new body. It was different to the physical body she had on Earth, being much lighter.  

  Other people and animals

The garden was filled with a variety of fruit trees, while a lovely clear stream ran through the middle. There were plenty of animals and birds, who seemed to live in harmony. She spent many delightful days playing with them and they, in turn, seemed to enjoy her company.  

The whole place was teeming with life. Not just animals, either; to her amazement, she found some of her neighbours who had died before her; all of them, living peaceful, happy existences in the garden. She was delighted to meet her elderly schoolteacher and her husband, still together and still deeply in love. Then there was her great aunt, who had always been kind to her on Earth, not to mention all the strangers. There was an overwhelming sense of peace and togetherness with one another.  

Sitting on the bank of a clear stream, immersed in deep thoughts, Sam looked up and saw a magnificent lion on the other side. He strode across the water and sat down by her side. Neither said a word. From across the meadow, a beautiful butterfly flew over and landed on her shoulder. When she stretched out and opened her hand, the butterfly flew onto her palm.  

Sam and the butterfly looked into each other's eyes.  

Sam was the first to speak, asking, “How did you get here?”  

“In the same way you did,” the butterfly replied. “I was what you call a happy caterpillar on Earth, minding my own business, and then I started to notice some changes in my body. I seemed to age and, one day, I started to weave a cocoon and went to sleep. Next, I remember emerging into a brilliant light. My whole body had completely changed. Previously, I’d had multiple legs and a big fat round body, but now I had a small body with beautiful wings. My wings were weak but, in a few minutes, they strengthened and I could fly. I flapped them and found myself floating in the air.  

“I looked down and I could see the shell of my old body. Everything looked so different from the air, and I was happy hovering over the trees. It was a nice warm day and everything looked beautiful. I flew upwards to have a better look at the ground, when suddenly I felt a sharp blow on my neck and passed out. When I woke up, I found myself in this wonderful garden.”  

New skills

From her neighbours, Sam learnt that the garden was linked to their minds, their thoughts. The continued existence of the garden, its trees, lakes and meadows, depended on their mental effort. As a group, they were learning to work as a team, controlling and directing their thoughts in a creative way. They did not seem to have any tools beyond this.

The senior neighbours encouraged her to participate, joining them in reshaping the garden with their thoughts. Seeds were planted and nourished daily. With the passage of time, these turned into plants, trees and shrubs.  

The garden began to grow bigger and more beautiful. More of her time and energy was devoted to its maintenance. She enjoyed this work. With the passage of time, she acquired new skills. The art of co-coordinating body and mind strengthened her bonds with the people. She made friends and began to feel a useful member of this strong community.  

Mobility, travel

Each day seemed to bring new delights and experiences. Sam discovered a new, exciting freedom; travel was instantaneous. Whenever she focused her thoughts on a place outside the sanctuary, she found herself travelling there. All she had to do was think of a place and she would be there. Initially, she made a number of mistakes and found herself travelling all over the place, but soon she mastered the art of focusing her thoughts on a specific place.

In pursuit of meaning

As time went on, an inner longing began to surface among the inhabitants; thoughts regarding the meaning of life, its purpose and fulfillment. Some of them began to wander away from the garden in pursuit of adventure, hungering for new realms and challenges in life. To them, the garden was just a transitional place, somewhere to rest, to gather strength before moving on.  


Often, Sam would sit down with her remaining friends and they would share their experience of travelling to different realms. Some of these realms were incredibly beautiful places, well-governed and joyous. There were differences between them; some were places of art and pageantry, others of quiet reflection, some bright and exuberant, others in a constant, soothing twilight, but each was the perfect home for its inhabitants. Some were simple, straightforward gardens, like Sam’s own realm. Yet each realm had in common their people, who were always kind and generous, while their leaders, for all their minor differences, were each modest and compassionate, and manifested marvelous abilities.

Most of Sam’s friends, however, only got a few glimpses of these realms, and they were not always welcomed.  

Chapter 2 – The garden and noble Tenzin

  Many people have mentioned that, at the point of death, they have found themselves in such gardens. They often describe meeting a close relative, a friend or a noble person. Some would say the noble person was Christ, others would say they saw an angel, Lord Krishna or an enlightened being.  

Sam soon came to know such a person and, as time passed, their friendship grew. He was called Tenzin. He was of average height and of slim build. There was nothing distinct about him; he had a pleasant, round face and a carefree way of smiling that made her feel at ease. However, when he looked at her, his eyes would bore through her, making her feel uncomfortable. It was as if he could read all her thoughts. In the beginning, she would avoid meeting his gaze. Then, as she got to know him better, she began to feel less threatened.

Her early impression was that he was an angel, but she later decided she had been wrong. He was human, albeit unique, with some very special spiritual abilities.

Communication. Insight; Kly-Son ability

On her very first encounter with Tenzin, she was amazed. She found that he would often choose to communicate by telepathy. As she got to know him better, he started to reveal his thoughts to her. Stage by stage, he opened up her understanding of her surroundings.  

One of the things he told her was, “It is never wise to reveal all at once, nor is it to the person's benefit to know all mysteries before their time. Knowledge brings responsibility and a person needs appropriate maturity to deal with this knowledge. With maturity, one learns to acquire knowledge, wisdom, empathy and ability. A confident, mature person is happy to be accountable, has a sharp awareness and a conscience that leads him on a path that is right and just.”

Tenzin's mind

He had a marvelous mind, very quick and logical. He could analyze a situation, work out a solution and think through its implications, then quickly modify the solution to bring about the desired result. It was through the sheer strength of his mind that the garden and everything in it was properly supervised and maintained. If a single leaf fell to the ground, he knew about it. At any given moment, he could give an accurate account of every tree, shrub and animal. Visitors to the garden were under his authority and supervision. He was the caretaker of the garden and his role was to prepare the new arrivals for their future roles in their new realms.

He also had a unique ability (Kly-son); he could focus his mind on any new arrival and, in a flash, access complete knowledge of their past life. He could evaluate it and form a correct and precise understanding of the person. He could do all this in seconds. He could also telepathically project memories of people's lives into their own minds, a phenomenon often described as “seeing your life flash before your eyes.” He called this ability Kly-son.

As Sam got to know him better, their companionship grew, and she learnt many things from him, including how he was able to evaluate a person's life. For him it was a simple method. He would use his wonderful gift to see if the person had lived a self-centered and selfish life or one that had been lived to promote the interests and happiness of others; in short, had they loved their neighbour as themselves?

Selfish, self-centred people received no sympathy or help from him, while those who had devoted their lives to the good of others were warmly received by him at the tunnel of life and death. He gladly gave them his support and care in the transition from death to the Garden of Peace. She could understand and appreciate his reasoning. The garden and its welfare depended on people working together, with a communal spirit, sharing for the benefit of all, not for the individual alone.  

Chapter 3  Thirst for knowledge

  Sam had a keen mind and a thirst for knowledge. She questioned Tenzin at every opportunity. She still found it difficult to comprehend the new environment and had much to learn.

Slowly, step by step, Tenzin taught her how his great mental powers controlled the whole garden. Each new leaf, each new blade of grass, each interaction with a person in the garden was meticulously analyzed and considered for a specific outcome. He would organize his plans or events so the outcome would fulfill a greater long-term plan, written in the Eternal Scroll.

As her knowledge and understanding grew, she started to ask more complex questions, like, “What is the rest of the universe like? When will you show me the other realms? What is the Great Eternal Plan you mentioned? What is the great mystery that’s been hidden since the beginning of time, the one you say is now revealed to a select few? What is the great Day of Judgment? What will happen afterwards?”

Sam’s first trip outside the garden  

One day, he took her to a place that looked like a massive stadium. She was surprised to see people from almost every race, nationality, and tribe. It was like attending a carnival, with people enjoying different forms of entertainment. It was a place full of life and diverse activities, and she found the whole atmosphere most enjoyable and pleasant.

  Another day, as she was sitting near the lake, Tenzin called out for her. There was excitement in his voice.  

“Come, hurry, Sam, we need to go to the mouth of the tunnel.” On the way, he explained, “We are going to collect a female called Kwan-yin, she is about to pass away on Earth.”

They met her in the tunnel. Kwan-yin was a dignified young woman, aged before her time, with a sad face. She looked frightened and lost. They escorted her through the tunnel and brought her safely to the garden. Tenzin left her with Sam and departed. Sam noticed that behind that pleasant face was a woman with a broken heart and deep wounds in need of healing.

It took Kwan-yin a few days to settle in. Tenzin found her a lovely part of the garden with her own little piece of land. She was a wonderful person, a loner who liked her privacy. She was immediately engrossed in her new environment.  

She had had a difficult life on Earth, which was reflected in her approach to others. It was as if a high wall guarded her inner self. Her confidence and self-esteem were low, and she had difficulty trusting people, though she seemed to trust Tenzin.  

He understood her perfectly and decided it would be better to work with the help of Sam to heal her. The interaction between the two women would help them both. It would induce friendship, maturity, and understanding, and give them an insight into each other’s lives.  

Sam understood what Tenzin had in mind. He needed people like her, who could win Kwan-yin’s respect, trust, and confidence, so that together they could heal Kwan-yin’s wounded soul.

Over the next few days, Sam stayed with Kwan-yin and got to know her better. She began to express her thoughts, saying, one day,  

“I am interested in you. You have a lovely soul, but it is hidden. I would like to be your friend and work with you so we can both help each other to heal our wounds. [Zak's Tenet – Consent. I respect your privacy, so I will not press you nor persuade you, without your consent].”  

Tenzin was hoping that, with Sam’s help, he could make Kwan-yin relax, be more comfortable, and thereby help her to blossom. He wanted to reassure her that they were not going to judge or try to undermine her. She was now in a secure place, where she could feel safe and grow.  

  Chapter 4 World of imprisoned souls

One day, Tenzin called out for Sam. “Come, let me show you something. You may see some unpleasant things, but do not be afraid. Watch, and learn from what you see. Hold my hand and close your eyes.”  

They drifted through space and ended up in a cold place.

“You can open your eyes now,” Tenzin whispered.

She tightened her grip on his hand. A shiver went through her.  

“What do you see?” he asked.

“This is a terrible, foul smelling place – like burnt hair and flesh. It is dark, but I see dungeons, with low ceilings and rough-hewn walls. It’s cold and damp and the air is stale, somehow suffocating. Can we leave?”

“Not yet. Look inside the dungeons. What do you see?”

“I see bodies that look like they’re made of some sort of grey-white substance. I see some are chained to the walls, while others are on the floor.”

“Have a closer look.”

“I think… they’re dead.”

“Take a closer look.”  

She bent over a body and sprang back in terror. “They’re alive!” She paused, and then said, “They seem to have lost the will to live. Who are these people? Why are they here?”

Tenzin said, “If you look closely you will notice that their life force, their creative will, their determination to get up and carry on has gone, or been taken away. Some of these people have been here for centuries, while others have only just arrived. We should go.”

“Why?” Sam asked.

“What you will see and hear if we stay will be unpleasant. I don’t want you to see any more.”

“I am not afraid. I want to know why they’re here.”  

She watched and saw that every now and then, guards, almost human but too tall, too strong to really be ordinary people, would bring in more bodies. She tried to talk to and revive some of these prisoners, but her efforts were fruitless. With tears feeling her eyes, she looked at Tenzin to find the meaning of this unpleasant prison.  

“One day you will understand. For now, I want you to know that there are some awful places in the cosmos. Selfishness, self-centredness and greed can have unpleasant consequences.”  

“Who are these people? What is this place?” she asked, nervously.

After an awkward pause, he said, “They await the Great Day. People call it by different names, some call it the Judgment Day, others call it The Day of The Supreme Being, to others it is The Final Judgment. There are places like this in the cosmos that are very dangerous. You should never come here on your own.”  

 Chapter 5 – My father  

One day, Sam was pleading with Tenzin, tears in her eyes. “My father passed away years ago. I assume, in the hereafter, he is in one of these sanctuaries. I would like to see my father. I’ve missed him. Where can I find him? Please, can you take me to him?”

Tenzin replied, “All I can tell you for the present is that your father is a great and virtuous man who has moved on to a different realm. He knows you are here. He has asked me to look after you. When the time is right, I will take you to meet him. Unfortunately, it is not possible for you to meet him yet. I cannot explain, because you will not understand. I want you to trust me. [Liz’s Tenet 1 – It is not wise to reveal all before its time.] Come with me and I will show you something that will prepare you to meet your father some day.”  

She followed him. They came to a new part of the garden, where she had never been before. They sat down by a lake.  

Tenzin said, “Close your eyes and listen to the music.”

At first, there was complete silence, and then slowly, music started to come from all directions. It began very slowly, sad and melancholy, almost haunting. It surrounded and engulfed her. There was no place to hide or escape from this wretched sound. The sad music awakened all the fears and anxieties she had had while on Earth. It was as though all the past pain and doubts about a divine being were once again running through her.  

She saw how evil men and disease had ruined her parents’ lives. Her kind, gentle and considerate parents had died in poverty, driven to an early grave by the acts of selfish people who only cared for themselves. They had trodden on others to get what they wanted, irrespective of other people’s needs.  

The cries of all the innocent victims of violence and abuse, and the cries of animals torn apart piece by piece and eaten alive, seemed to flow through her, crying out for justice. The evil and despair engulfed her.  

Then came the deep, menacing, haunting quietness of a life without purpose, meaning or hope. There was nowhere in this bottomless pit to hide.

The melancholy music had sucked all the strength, will and life from her. Then it gave way to a complete stillness, like being in a vacuum, awaiting a merciful end to all feeling, thoughts and life. How could a divine being create such evil in life or allow such evil to flourish in the world?

“If there is a God,” she cried aloud, “I will make him answer for all the crimes against my parents and kin.” A deep melancholy set over her, then she cried out, “Please, God, help me.” Slowly, the despair and loneliness began to fade. A bright light and a great sense of energy and power seemed to surround her. The utter loneliness and misery that had filled the air began to be replaced by hope.  

A new form of energy flowed through the song. It became stronger, more powerful.  

The song started to fill her with its power, strength and joy; she felt hopeful, radiant and confident. Everything, every experience, good or bad in her life, seemed to float past her. Every thought, every moment was bathed in a brilliant white light. It seemed to say,    

“I will convert all these feelings into a positive experience, which will mould your character and personality into that of a thoughtful, compassionate, person.”

This brilliant white light left a deep impression on her; that what it had begun, it had the ability and power to bring to fullness in time. A strong voice seemed to come from within her. [Kate’s Tenet 1] “All that you have seen and felt will be taken care of, accounted for, justified, losses compensated fourfold, restitution made wherever due. Know this: every grain of sand you have come across, every atom, every quark (subatomic particle) ever made is known, accounted for, and has a purpose.  

“One day, you will understand that all the suffering in the cosmos has a purpose and will be accounted for. Compensation and restitution will be made for those who suffered pain, anguish, loss. Those who have inflicted pain on others and have not changed their ways will be separated. Darkness is greater than evil and light is greater than darkness. The darkness will give way to light.

“When all that has been achieved, the ‘New Children of the Cosmos’ will be free of all the pain and suffering that was part of the cosmos. She will finally be at peace. She will pass away, with the joy of seeing her newborn cosmic children reach adulthood.

“[Janet’s Tenet 1] Everything that happened to you, every experience, good and bad, every thought, every feeling, every tear you have shed, every bit of laughter and joy will, one by one, turn into a positive force for good, for your spiritual growth and maturity, to fulfill your place among us. You are not alone. We are with you and we will be with you until the end of time.”

It was too much for Sam to comprehend. She was exhausted and fell into a deep sleep. Someone placed a warm blanket over her. She slept for a very long time. When she woke up, she found Tenzin beside her.

She shared her experience with him, and asked, “What does it mean?”  

He was in deep thought. “That song was written in honor of your father and you,” Tenzin explained. “It should have given you a glimpse into how your father felt and overcame the struggles of his life on Earth. He has now moved on, to a higher level. One day, when the time is right and you have reached a certain level of growth, you will be able to meet your father.”

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