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What is Heaven Like.
 By Hari Patel

 This book will help you if you are coping with Loss or death, Bereavement and Grief. Questions on After life, What happens when we die, Angels, Guardian angels, Spiritual world, Abortion and pro-life.

You can purchase the e -book from Amazon Kindle for £ 2.99 or paperback for £7.99
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Author’s Note:
This book is based on my experience of the afterlife. It is difficult to convey what I experienced there.
Things in spiritual realms are often difficult to describe and often have no earthly terms to convey them. To overcome this problem, I have used common earthly terms like days, months, doors, courtyards, medals of honour, etc., to convey concepts that are outside the dimensions of time and space.
I was given a second chance in life. I have molded the knowledge I gained in the hereafter into story form. I hope it will promote a kinder and a more compassionate world
Have you wondered what happens when we pass away
Does life continue in a different form in the afterlife?
Where are the souls of our deceased grandparents, of our ancestors?
Why do so many people seek spiritual healing?
Why does abortion trouble so many people?
Is spiritual life eternal?
Are there guardian, guiding angels?
What kind of communal life will there be in the hereafter?
Where are the souls of the people who have committed horrendous crimes against mankind?
Whether you go to a church, mosque or temple, this book will give you a deeper insight into your faith.
I hope this book will open your heart and mind to better understand your inner self or, if you are grieving over the passing of loved ones, this book will provide you with spiritual comfort, guidance and illumination. It may perhaps even give meaning and purpose to your life.

Mother What is Heaven Like?
Chapter 1          The near death experience
Chapter 2          The noble Tenvin
Chapter 3          Thirst for knowledge
Chapter 4          World of imprisoned souls
Chapter 5          My father
Chapter 6          The aborted babies
Chapter 7          Frontiers of spiritual realms
Chapter 8          Meeting her father
Chapter 9          Laws regarding the sanctuary
Chapter 10        Is there a Judgment Day?
Chapter 11        Truth and reconciliation (part 1)
Chapter 12        Spiritual home
Chapter 13        The mind, a human library
Chapter 14        The Eternal Court and the elders
Chapter 15        Supreme leader of the cosmos
Chapter 16        The tsunami
Chapter 17        Truth and reconciliation (part 2)
Chapter 18        Future aspiration
Chapter 19        Festival of celebration
Chapter 20        Tanza, Ka-ark
Chapter 21        Second visit of the leader
Chapter 22        Eternal books, the period before time and space,
Chapter 23        The Eternal Sacred City, Zion
Chapter 24        The end of time and space; Tanza and Awara
Chapter 25        Sam’s loneliness and cries for help
Chapter 26        Kly-so-ak; before time, before matter came to be
Chapter 27        The need to live, to create
Chapter 28        My baby
Chapter 29        Back on Earth
Chapter 30        Victim of drugs and abuse
Chapter 31        A new friend, Kellie
Chapter 32        Sam and Kellie go into partnership
Chapter 33        Sam and Kellie meet their future husbands
Chapter 34        Tenzin and Stefan’s visit
Chapter 35        The orphans learn from their earthly families
Chapter 36        The children ask, “Mother, is there a Heaven?”

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