Avoid a Bathroom tiling disaster

You are not always going to have the skills or the time to DIY. When you use a tradesman to do the work that you can’t, how do you equip yourself to get the task you deserve from the experts?

Towards completion of the video the individual recording comments that ‘this is why I don’t get DIY things done, since I dislike it’. This shows the vulnerability that people feel when they trust an ‘expert’ who doesn’t deliver what they promise. The clip likewise highlights the issue they feel about the confrontation that is required to solve the circumstance.

One thing that you can do when instructing tradespeople to do work is to read up on our task pages and view our videos to see how work should be done. Despite the fact that you are not going to do the work yourself, you will be able to understand why a tradesman is doing things, and what to query if he is refraining from doing them.

The bathroom displayed in the video will not have a water resistant surface area since the grout is insufficiently applied in between the tiles. The grout is the point that is most vulnerable to water ingress.

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Blinds – How To Measure For Them Accurately

When you are thinking about updating the blinds in your residential or commercial property there are several types you can choose. Blinds are a simple and easy method of altering the appearance of your room without having to spend a lot of money.

There are many online sites offering “made to measure” blinds and these can be actually good value for cash, plus you will also get the included bonus offer of keeping the sunlight out if you want it to be dark and likewise staying out damaging UV rays.

Once you have actually chosen to buy some blinds you will need to measure up for them as it is really essential you provide exacting measurements for any blinds produced you. The factor for this being you will frequently be unable to return made to determine blinds or get a refund ought to they not fit.

In order to make a very accurate measurement of the blinds you will require to use a steel tape measure, I would highly dissuade you from using a cloth one as these could be liable to stretching. The first thing you need to decide is if the blinds are to go inside or outside the recess of the window. If they are to go within the recess of the window then you will require to determine the width and the height of the recess. It is always worth taking a number of measurements of the window as they can be different in some cases if the window is not quite true. You should then offer the minimum width that you get as this will make sure the very best fitting possible.

If you are putting your blinds on the outside of the recess then you firstly need to decide just how much to overlap the recess. This is purely personal option and preference, nevertheless there is a suggested overlap of 60mm which equates to 2.5 ″ at each side of the recess at both leading and bottom and both sides of the recess.

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