Measuring Tips For Curtains

In the existing financial scenario, it’s an excellent idea to be prudent whenever and any place you can be. Do It Yourself is a natural frugal stepping point for the home improvement lover, but there are a number of pitfalls for a rookie or newbie to fall under. Measurement is among the primary ones, as if the initial measurement is wrong then it doesn’t matter how good a task you do at the end of the day, the task is doomed from the beginning.

Economical options for curtains is to either make them yourself or to buy ready made drapes online, and with both these choices, the measurement is crucial towards the success of the project. So, here is an useful guide on how to measure for curtains:

Measure The Width

A common mistake when measuring the width for curtains is to measure the window instead of the curtain track or pole. Unlike blinds, curtains require to be determined so that the hang over the width of the window, indicating a precise measurement of the window width will result in too brief curtains that won’t cover the entire window.

If you currently have a drape pole in place, then determine the length of the pole in between the finials, which are the decorative ends of the pole.

If you have drape rails, merely measure the length of the rail. If your rail has an overlap, then include the length of the overlap to the length of the rail.

When fitting a brand-new track or pole, make certain to extend the width of the window by 15 to 20 cm on either side of the window, consequently preventing the issue of having drapes that will not cover the window.

Procedure The Drop

The drop of your drapes is the length which you ‘d like them to be. This is totally dependent on your choice, and it is presently fashionable to have long and cascading curtains indicating that the drop rolls over onto the floor. Trends aside though, you can follow these 3 typical measurement guide:

A: Full length– Approximately 1.5 to 3cm above floor level.

B: Above radiator- The curtains end 1 to 3cm above the radiator.

C: Below window sill- Usually 15cm are contributed to the measurement of rail to window sill.

If you’re measuring from a drape pole, keep in mind to measure from the top track or bottom of the drape rings to the wanted drop length of your curtains.

For eyelet drapes also called Tap Top, you’ll need to take the measurement from the very top of the curtain pole.

The measurement of the width of the drape needs to be extremely exact and is the measurement which can make a break the success of the task, whereas the measurement of the drop has more flexibility and gives you the chance to experiment with different length concepts. If you’re uncertain the length of time you want your drapes to be, attempt visualising the end result, using an extra bed sheet to assist you. Just highlight the measurement alternatives on the bed sheet using a non-washable fabric marker, and ask somebody to hold up the sheet in front of the window, then stand back and observe. You can likewise fold up the sheet to give a much better take a look at how the curtains will search in that particular length.

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