Simple DIY steps to making your home more secure

Keeping your house safe and secure is a typically overlooked element of Do It Yourself– however with a couple of easy actions you can ensure your home, liked ones and ownerships are as safe as they can be. All of these security upgrades can be tried by the DIYer, so review your house security, and think of updating now, while daylight stretches well into late night.

Doors and locks

Ensure your doors and locks comply with these requirements:

Front doors:

  1. Should be strong wood at least 44mm thick
  2. Fitted with a British Standard five-lever mortise lock
  3. Also fitted with an automated dead-locking rim-lock

Back entrances

  1. Need to be solid wood at least 44mm thick
  2. Have a five-lever mortise sash lock
  3. Be fitted with two mortise bolts/surface mounted press bolts.

Make sure any glazing in your doors is strengthened 6.4 mm glass, at least.

If your doors do not fulfill these requirements, then it’s time to think of upgrading … and all of the tasks, from fitting locks to hanging doors can be part of the DIYer’s jobs-to-do list.


There are so many security gadgets for windows, it’s impossible to note them all, but ensure you fit either lockable manages or easy security locks to your casement, sash or uPVC windows. If ventilation or child security is a concern, you can also purchase systems that lock windows in an employment opportunity. Consider your circumstance, and buy the proper lock for what you require.

More security pointers

  1. Gravel drives will always make a burglar reconsider, as it is essentially impossible to approach a home quietly.
  2. Having a noticeable burglar alarm and security lighting on the front, back and sides of your house are likewise an excellent idea. Make sure they are fitted out of the reach of any burglar. You may want to get a professional in to fix security lighting and an alarm, but there are also great deals of systems out there suitable for the DIYer to set up.
  3. Motion sensitive lighting should likewise be placed so it doesn’t intensify the neighbours, and won’t be activated by family pets and wildlife if possible.
  4. It’s also a great idea to get involved with the Neighbourhood Watch, or other comparable groups. Making your location more protected makes your home more protected.

And lastly …
People tend to improve their security after their houses– or their neighbours’– have, regrettably, been targeted. Don’t wait for the worst to occur, and update your house now, for real assurance and security.

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