3"We so enjoyed our CHEF exchange to Canada - beautiful scenery, lovely people, a comfortable home - and of course the Niagara Falls!"

Amazing low cost holidays for Christian families!

The Christian Home Exchange Fellowship makes available low-cost holidays for Christian families.  Enjoy a wonderful holiday in somebody else's home, secure in the knowledge that your home is not only providing a holiday for another family, but is being safely looked after while you are away. Look at these features:

  • Make new Christian friends
  • Take as many holidays in a year as you like
  • All accommodation completely free
  • Stay in a comfortable family home at home or overseas
  • Over 250 addresses to choose from
  • For 2013 year, our membership was as follows
    14% New members
    16% Members for 2-3 years
    70% Members for 4-30 years. 

    Average number of exchanges per year (2007-2014)
    15% of members had nil exchanges per year
  • 53% had atleast one exchange
  • 21% had 2-3 exchanges
  • 11% had 3-6 exchanges
  • Only fee you pay is annual membership of £25 for UK only  or  UK & International membership, for £30,  €35,  USA $45, 32 Swiss Franc,           47 Au $

    The recent worldwide financial crisis, rising inflation and the fall in value of the pound will increase the cost of family holidays, particularly for those wanting to travel outside the UK.
    If you want to come to the UK from mainland Europe or North America, now is the time to come! In either case, CHEF will deliver great value holidays,  so join now!

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    "Share with God's people who are in need. Practise hospitality" Rom 12:13